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Asif Mahmood

Dear Californian,

I’m excited to tell you why I’m supporting Dr. Asif Mahmood to be our next Insurance Commissioner.

Dr. Mahmood has the experience necessary to make real changes in the lives of Californians. Join me in supporting him!

Dr. Asif Mahmood is a physician who has practiced in California for nearly two decades treating lung cancer, asthma and other diseases related to the respiratory system. He understands the needs of California’s patients. His dedication to the values of our party is unimpeachable.

I’m supporting Dr. Mahmood because he is the best person in this race to fight for the people of California.

I know that once you meet Dr. Mahmood at the convention in San Diego, you’ll be inspired to join him too.

Thanks for everything you do,

Brad Sherman
U.S. Congressman