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Fellow Democrats, 


Today, people across the country wore black in solidarity with the survivors of sexual assault, most notably Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and walked out of their jobs in protest of the shameful way our society treats sexual assault survivors. 


Dr. Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh have thrown his nomination to the Supreme Court in jeopardy – to say nothing of implicating him as a perjurer. But today’s demonstration wasn’t about the Supreme Court or Brett Kavanaugh.


Today’s demonstration was about Dr. Blasey Ford, and the tens of millions of women and men like her who survive sexual assault, only to be met with skepticism and outright attacks when they come forward to tell their stories and seek justice.


Let’s be absolutely clear: there is never a time when sexual assault is okay.


There is never a time when “boys will be boys” is an acceptable excuse for sexual assault, and there’s never been a locker room where talking about sexual assault is acceptable.


Most importantly, there has never been a more critical moment for Democrats to speak out for, and proudly stand with, survivors of sexual assault. 





With the way shameful way Republican elected officials have treated Dr. Blasey Ford, and responded to the #MeToo movement in general, it’s absolutely clear that Democrats must retake Congress to ensure that survivors of sexual assault receive the support and justice they deserve. 


Thank you to everyone who took part in today’s demonstration – and to the Democratic candidates and elected officials who are fighting hard to create a society where sexual assault is never tolerated, and where survivors are given the support and respect they deserve. 


Democratically Yours, 



Eric C. Bauman, RN, Chair
California Democratic Party