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They’re being relentless —

FOX NEWS: ‘Republicans on record-breaking revenge tour to win back the House’

I’m sorry to bother you again, you know I hate asking for money.

But I’m the most vulnerable Democrat in Congress.

And now even Fox News has admitted reelecting Trump might be a lost cause — so the GOP has set their sights on the House Majority.

I refuse to surrender, but fighting back hinges on raising $10,245 to pay staff, run ads, and reach voters in the next 24 hours. Or I will lose this seat, it’s just that simple. So I’m asking: Michael, can I count on you to chip in $10 now?

I flipped this seat blue by just 862 votes — and became target #1 for the GOP.

They’ve been relentless:

— Smearing me with attack ads
— Nunes holding high dollar fundraisers for my opponent
— Their latest ploy is spending $100k to send paid canvassers door to door in the middle of a pandemic

They think these scare tactics will make us give up.

But I’m not backing down, and I’m counting on you to stand your ground with me.

I won’t win this without you, Michael. Please contribute even just a couple of dollars so I can win what is shaping up to be the CLOSEST race of the year >>

Thank you for sticking with me,


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