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Kamala Harris

I wanted to update you quickly on something that’s been happening to our campaign in recent weeks: a sudden surge of right-wing attacks.

It started about a month or so ago when Trump’s favorite Fox News host, Sean Hannity, attacked Kamala saying she was “unhinged” for calling out GOP leaders for failing to protect DACA recipients from deportation.

Then a former White House advisor attacked us too. Then right-wing outlets like Breitbart and Fox & Friends piled on. Then came an avalanche of hate-filled tweets and Facebook comments. I’ll spare you the details.

Here’s what I think is happening: Kamala and our campaign have focused on building a powerful coalition of Americans that can stand up to this Administration’s agenda and articulate an aspirational vision of this country rooted in justice and equality. To them, that’s terrifying. Hence the attacks.

Now, this is all troubling — but it’s nothing we can’t handle thanks to supporters like you. I’m reaching out to ask you to make a contribution to Senator Kamala Harris’ campaign. Your support helps us fight back against these right-wing attacks. Can Kamala count on you?

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Or, contribute an amount that’s meaningful to you.

Thank you for always standing with our campaign. These attacks will not work in silencing Kamala or this community of committed progressive activists.

Talk more soon,

Juan Rodriguez
Campaign Manager
Kamala Harris for Senate