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Yesterday, the 116th Congress was sworn in — and I was deeply inspired to see photos across Twitter of our new Representatives and Senators being sworn in. This incoming class is the most diverse and includes the most women in our country’s history. Finally, our government is beginning to better reflect the people it represents. Progress.

Now, Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds the gavel — and she didn’t waste a single moment getting right to work. One of the House’s first orders of business was to vote on legislation to reopen the government — without any funding for Trump’s hateful, ineffective border wall.

Last night, the House passed a bill to reopen the government. The Senate should vote on it immediately. Join me in calling on the Senate GOP to listen to the majority of Americans who want the government reopened: sign my petition today.


It’s day 14 of the government shutdown, and Trump seems to be ignoring the public outrage over his choice. Instead, he has doubled down on his threats to veto any funding bill that doesn’t include money for the border wall.

That’s two weeks of uncertainty for hundreds of thousands of federal workers and government contractors, who are being used as a bargaining chip.

That’s two weeks fighting over $5 billion in taxpayer dollars that could be invested in domestic priorities like infrastructure, health care, and fighting climate change.

This November, Americans overwhelmingly elected the most diverse Congress in our nation’s history. Now is not the time to give in to Trump’s outrageous demands. Now is the time to fight harder than ever for our values.

That’s why I’m calling on my colleagues in the Senate to vote on legislation to reopen the government and send it to Trump’s desk. If you’re with me, add your name to my urgent petition today.


Thank you for continuing to stand with me in this fight against the Trump administration’s radical agenda.


— Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California


“Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.”
– Dolores Huerta



. Join us today in fighting for justice, equality, and an economy that works for everyone by making a contribution to Kamala’s campaign here.