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Kamala Harris

As the Republicans attempt to sneak in another vote on the latest version of their health care plan, which would result in 32 million Americans losing access to care, I want you to meet Zeke:

Zeke was born with hemophilia, a disorder that makes it difficult for his blood to clot. Just a few months ago, his parents told me his story.

Zeke depends on a synthetic version of a protein that healthy bodies produce naturally to help blood clot. His treatment costs $11,000 — and without Medicaid coverage, Zeke’s parents couldn’t afford to pay that outrageous amount of money.

So if the GOP’s Cassidy-Graham health care bill passes — and rumors suggest they have 48 or 49 votes — Zeke will lose his care, as would 32 million Americans.

Now is the time to fight — and I want to start by elevating as many stories like Zeke’s as I can before September 30th, the last day the GOP can use legislative tricks to pass their health care repeal bill. 

Can you tell your story today of how the Republican attempts to steal our health care will affect you, your family, and your community?


There is a great deal of urgency for you to share your story and engage in this fight. The GOP is whipping votes and attempting to ram this bill through Congress as we speak.

This is an all hands on deck moment — and there is still time to block this legislation again. But only if you start calling, marching, tweeting, and putting pressure on the Republicans today.

Let’s get to work,

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

P.S. Memorize this phone number and make those calls: (202) 224–3121.