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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

We are surging.

This week has been nothing but good news for the campaign. In addition to polls showing the race for second place tightening, I attended an amazing event hosted by Sherry Lansing in Los Angeles, and my television ad, “Cut Out the Middle Men” has taken to the airwaves with a powerful response.

Unfortunately, one Democratic Candidate for governor is on record advocating for a republican challenger. And he’s using his millions to attack two of his Democratic opponents while tacitly elevating Republican John Cox.

California is vying to swing multiple Congressional seats. The one thing that can stop us is if a Republican makes the top two in this election. Why? Because, according to vulnerable Republican Congresswoman Mimi Walters, polls show Republican turnout surging 30% in such a scenario.

This is a line straight from the Republican handbook: “If we want to stop Nancy Pelosi from returning as Speaker of the House, then we need to make sure John Cox advances to the November run-off.”

Let’s be clear, in order to protect and defend our very democracy, we need to elect a Democratic Congress this November.

Right now, the media is recognizing that I have a real chance, and our campaign is catching fire at this critical moment. Our campaign of former “berniecrats” and “nasty women” is a winning coalition.

Right now, I just need to reach more voters. I need you to step up to volunteer, and I need you to donate so I can spread my ad into more markets so voters can hear my message and learn my name.

We have two weeks. The race for second place could be decided by a handful of votes. We can do this.

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