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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

rporate Democrat of them all. That’s amazing. But their campaign needs to raise about $10,618 more to pay for critical campaign infrastructure.

Goal thermometerAdd a $2.70 contribution right now to help Alison reach her goal and defeat Dianne Feinstein. 100% of your money goes directly to Alison’s campaign.

California is supposed to be a progressive state. It’s not right that we have a senator like Feinstein who votes with Trump one-third of the time. In a state where Medicare for All is extremely popular, Feinstein said ‘heck no’ and then one week later took campaign cash from the biggest healthcare lobbyists in the country.

Dianne Feinstein already has $4 million in the bank — even though she didn’t even know if she’d have a serious challenger. It’s going to take nothing short of a political revolution to give Alison a shot. The good news is, the Political Revolution is our specialty!

Alison’s campaign, on the other hand, is refusing corporate PAC money and will be 100% grassroots powered and funded. That’s why I’m reaching out again today to ask you to help Alison reach her goal. She needs to get to $147,000 by Monday to buy the voter file that will let her campaign volunteers start contacting primary voters.

Contribute right now to help Alison reach her goal.

If you’ve saved payment info with ActBlue Express, you won’t have to type in your credit card:

There’s nothing more important than getting this early funding if progressives want Alison to win. That’s why I’m emailing you right now. If you don’t get enough money right at the start, you can’t get access to the voter data through PDI. You can’t get your name and message out there.

Please, give whatever you can to help Alison win in California. Donate now.