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Add your name: tell Senate Republicans we need to protect affordable health care.



That’s how many American lives Senate Republicans were willing to put at risk by repealing the Affordable Care Act. And all to give the ultra-wealthy an unprecedented, massive tax cut.

To give you a sense of what “massive” looks like, the 400 richest families in the nation alone would get $33 billion in tax breaks — the equivalent of the amount the federal government spends on the Medicaid expansion in Alaska, Arkansas, Nevada, and West Virginia, which covers about 725,000 people in total.

It’s no wonder Republicans wrote this bill in secret, closed-door meetings and refused to hold any public meetings. It’s an absolute disgrace.

Even though Republicans have decided to delay voting to repeal our health care for now, you can bet they’ll be back after the July 4th recess.

We can stop this thing, but only if we join together and make sure the GOP knows we won’t stand for them taking away our health care. Join the hundreds of thousands of Democrats who’ve already signed on, and add your name to show the GOP they must reject the health care repeal:


Thank you so much.


Keith Ellison
Deputy Chair
Democratic National Committee