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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Please take this two-minute survey to share your priorities and say why you’re in this fight.
Warren for President

On a typical presidential campaign, the candidate spends a lot of time listening to wealthy donors and hearing what issues they care about.

Not on this campaign. No one can buy access to Elizabeth. And she wants to hear what everyone on our team thinks.

Every single supporter owns an equal piece of our movement. Everyone’s voice matters. Our campaign is about the priorities of the people — not the wealthy and well-connected, and not the powerful special interests.

So what should we focus on? Fill out this two-minute survey to share what issues are most important to you.

This campaign isn’t just about Elizabeth’s vision. And it’s certainly not about what Wall Street bankers, powerful corporate interests, or federal lobbyists want.

It’s about the hundreds of thousands of people like you who joined this movement so we can all fight to create real, structural change. Whether you’ve been on this team for seven years or seven days, your voice is at the core of the movement we’re building together.

Click here to take the two-minute survey to share your priorities and say why you’re in this fight.

Your response is so important — thanks for taking a couple minutes to say what matters to you.

Team Warren

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