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Did you hear the news? Eleni is in the lead!

Because of the support from people like you, our campaign is leading the pack of candidates in the Lt. Governor’s race and continuing to gain momentum.

In Politico this moning:

— ELENI’S IN THE LEAD: Lieutenant governor candidate Eleni Kounalakis, who announced her candidacy in April 2017, has raised over $2.4 million for her campaign for Lt. Governor and starts 2018 with $1.9 million cash on hand, “more than any other candidate in the race,” her campaign reported Wednesday.

We’ve raised $2.4 million since we started our campaign, more than any other person in this race, and more organizations and leaders are joining Senator Kamala Harris, California Federation of Teachers, EMILY’s List, Equality California, ten members of Congress and eight mayors in support of this campaign.

We rely on the support of individual grassroots donors, and this important milestone is thanks to you!

I have to ask one more time, can you help us keep up this amazing momentum by chipping in?

Thanks for all you do!

Kate Maeder

Campaign Manager