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Far too often, California votes too late to matter in presidential primaries. It’s time to move our primary to prime time.
That is why I am calling for California voters to have an earlier say in the Presidential Primary process with our Prime Time Primary Bill, SB 568, authored by Senator Lara.
SIGN HERE if you agree we need to move our primary to prime time.
In 2016, too many Californians were left feeling like their votes didn’t matter in the Presidential primary. That’s why I’m asking for your support to move up California’s presidential primary to just after Iowa and New Hampshire.
We are California, the most populous and diverse state in the nation. And we’re also the largest economy of any state. We should not be an afterthought in the presidential nomination process.  Moving up the California primary in future presidential elections will give California voters more say. And by holding our primary earlier, we will ensure that Californians and our issues become priorities for all presidential candidates.
SHARE this petition with your California friends and family to make sure our voices will be heard loud and clear in the White House. 

In Solidarity,