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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Many voters say “I just want someone who can win!” 

I understand that, and it’s why I’m running. A politics of love is the BEST possible politics to defeat a politics of fear. 

In 2016, people were angry. But that’s not the dominant emotional tenor of the American voter in 2019. Today, people are exhausted. They aren’t looking for a fight now; they’re looking for inspiration. 

We need a candidate who can counter the president’s outrageously dangerous lies with outrageously exciting truths. His campaign in 2020 will be laced with fear, but mine will be stronger than his because it’s a politics laced with love. 

What will win the presidency in 2020 is the ability to create a new political coalition—based not on people’s anger but on people’s conscience. Not on people’s rage, but on people’s desire to believe once again in the promise of America.

And we will give it to them. 

We’ll make every school in America a palace of learning, culture, and the arts. 

We’ll make a just transition from a dirty economy to a clean economy, reversing climate change and leaving a healthier planet for our children. 

We’ll move from a war economy to a peace economy, and restore moral authority to American foreign policy.

We’ll pay reparations for slavery and repair our relationship with Native Americans.

We’ll massively infuse the life of the average American with economic hope and opportunity. 

We’ll establish a Department of Children and Youth, and a Department of Peace. 

We’ll provide universal health care. 

We’ll base every public policy on one core principle: that it should help people thrive. 

That is our message, and it is why we will win.

Our average donation is $22.30.

Donate $22.30 now to say YES! now is the time.

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With love and gratitude,



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