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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


A Delegate Asked What Are the Chair’s Duties:

“The State Chair shall be the chief executive officer and the official voice of This Committee, shall carry out the policies and purposes, and shall pursue its interests to the best of his/her abilities.” – CDP Bylaws


Our Campaign Brochure Highlighted Chair Duties

If this Brochure seems a bit different to you, it is because we hand tailored each brochure for each audience in one respect or another.  The Chair duties remained the same.


Giving A Voice To ALL People in this Party

One Chair duty is to be the “official voice” of the party. In 2011, I used my voice to shine a light on the Office of Comptroller of Currency (“OCC”); to give a voice to the People being foreclosed on; and to arm other consumer attorneys who represented them with tools to fight large financial institutions. I didn’t have to “convince” the People of my position in the media because I followed through with action that resulted in tangible permanent improvements to our society. This is the kind of powerful voice I want to bring to this party. Where we truly can become the party of action and not just words for ALL people. 


Our Chair race platform April 2017!

Look familiar? All I can say in looking back is that I could not be prouder of our California activists that ran with this platform and made it a reality for the 2018 election cycle! I am looking forward to see this platform fully engaged for all parts of California, soon!


Westmoreland Wants You To Call Him!

We are proud to announce endorsement in this Chair race from Retired California Deputy Attorney General IV, Leslie Westmoreland. He not only has endorsed our campaign, but is encouraging all delegates to call him at (559) 970-6053 to discuss why! 


Looking to Our Party’s Future

We need peace. This week in 1992 we saw civil unrest with the L.A. riots. I was working for Long Beach at the time. We received a thank you letter.

“The three days of disorder killed more than 60 people, injured almost 2,000, led to 7,000 arrests, and caused nearly $1 billion in property damage, including the burning of more than 3,000 buildings.” History.

We have seen so many deaths or the brutal treatment of people, especially minorities over the past three years it is stomach churning. Screaming about something and doing something about it are two different things. Let’s not turn back the clock to 1992.

Trump won over people who were economically oppressed using divisive fear and hate campaigns targeting people by race, religion, gender and ethnicity. 2020 will be a little different. His tactics did’t stop after the election because when you use a fear or hate based campaign you have nothing else left to build upon! Don’t bring this hate or fear into our party. Candidates, activists and delegates in our party are not racists, et al. We are volunteers spending our own time and money trying to make the world better for other people.  People just want to be treated fairly. They don’t want or deserve to be publicly shamed. If you cannot stop yourself from publicly shaming someone as the reason for your feeling of being oppressed – call out the people in the Republican party that let it get this far!

Remember, when we win, we all get a seat at the table. We level up, we advance, then we rise!
More to come..stay tuned!

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