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In years past, regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican occupied the White House, I looked forward to the yearly State of the Union.

Even when someone I disagreed with was delivering the speech — it was still a good chance to hear our president’s vision for the country. There would be points of strong contention, but also opportunities to work together. Donald Trump has thrown that out the window.

I’m sure his speech will keep the fact-checkers and Twitter universe busy, but it will leave the rest of us searching for even a single idea that will put our country on a path towards prosperity, equality, and progress.

That’s why I’m running for Senate. Chip in $1 so I can hold Trump accountable, take our positive agenda to Washington, and fight Trump every single remaining day of his presidency.

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Thankfully, no matter what Trump says tonight, we Californians know the truth: while we have much work to do, the progress we’ve made pursuing the California Dream is proof positive we can do the same in Washington.

We can be a global leader in the battle against climate change and a pioneer in creating a clean energy economy. We can rebuild our roads and bridges, and bolster our preparedness for natural disasters.

We can raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.

We can protect immigrants, DREAMers, and all those who call America home.