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It is outrageous that the Republicans silenced Senator Warren last night for reading a 1986 letter from Coretta Scott King opposing Jeff Sessions’ nomination as a federal judge.

The suggestion that reciting the true words of a civil rights leader somehow violates Senate rules is preposterous.

I want you to know that this does not mean we will stop speaking out against Sessions’ nomination as Attorney General. In fact, it means the exact opposite: We will redouble our efforts to fight Trump’s radical cabinet and to support fearless women like Senator Elizabeth Warren who have the courage to speak up and resist.

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Here’s a portion of what the Republicans don’t want you to hear:

“I write to express my sincere opposition to the confirmation of Jefferson B. Sessions as a federal district court judge for the Southern District of Alabama. My professional and personal roots in Alabama are deep and lasting. Anyone who has used the power of his office as United States Attorney to intimidate and chill the free exercise of the ballot by citizens should not be elevated to our courts. Mr. Sessions has used the awesome powers of his office in a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters. For this reprehensible conduct, he should not be rewarded with a federal judgeship.” — Coretta Scott King

Later today, I will speak on the floor to discuss Senator Sessions’ troubling disregard for laws that protect the rights of all Americans. I hope you’ll be watching and will stay engaged with these fights in the coming days and weeks.

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Let’s make sure Elizabeth Warren knows we have her back right now, more than ever.

Fight on,