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Any chance we have of successfully taking the White House comes down to you. So when it comes to the issues we talk about, our campaign strategy, and everything in between, I want to make sure we’re listening. Can you take our short survey today?

Beto for America


Beto and I were talking this week about what it’s going to take to set this campaign apart. With a sea of strong candidates (23!!), what makes us different? We always come back to the same thing. It’s you.

At the end of the day, any chance we have of success depends largely on the people reading this email right now. The extraordinary results for Beto in Texas in 2018 were not owed to the campaign staff, but the grassroots supporters who shared their time, treasure, and talents.

With that in mind, I want to make sure each and every one of you has a seat at our table. When it comes to the issues we talk about, our campaign strategy, and everything in between — I really value your input.

That’s why today I’m asking you to take a short survey. It’ll only take a minute to fill out, and it’ll help our campaign immensely.

Take our short survey. Tell us what’s important to you as
we head into the next election, and how you can get involved.

Take the survey

Once we have all the responses in — including yours — we’ll compile the results and make sure this input gets back to Beto.

Please, take our survey now. We want to make sure we have a critical mass of people participating.

Thanks for sharing today,

Jen O’Malley Dillon
Campaign Manager
Beto for America





This campaign is powered by grassroots supporters like you.  To contribute via check, please address to Beto for America campaign, P.O. Box 3628 El Paso, TX 79923.