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Nasreen Johnson has been a resident of Fresno County for over 30 years and has chosen
Northwest Fresno as her home for over 20 years. Johnson graduated from Hoover High School
and she went on to attend Fresno City College to earn an AA degree in Liberal Arts. Johnson
started a small business but later resumed her education, graduating from Fresno Pacific
University Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, and earned a
Master’s in Global Business.

Johnson has been a marketing and communication professional for 18 years working as a small
business owner, and in the agricultural and non-profit industries. Johnson and her
husband are raising two children and three rescue dogs.

Johnson is an avid community volunteer and has worked to improve her community in a myriad
of ways. She is previous board member of Friends of the Fresno County Library, founding board
member of Tagua, and received the John Valentino award from Tree Fresno for her work in
building the fully accessible garden for special needs students.

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