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Bloomberg News: “41 lawsuits have put [California] at forefront of Anti-Trump movement” 



Bloomberg News reported this past week that California is leading the resistance against the Trump agenda, citing the 41 lawsuits we’ve filed to block this administration’s reckless policies.


I know that many of this administration’s actions can’t hold up in court. 


And while Donald Trump often thinks he can do whatever he want, as long as our laws and institutions are working, that’s not true. 



Donald Trump is asking us to backslide. But we refuse to go backwards.


My job is to protect our families and values. And if someone gets in the way of that goal, we have to take them on. That’s my job.


That’s why I filed a lawsuit when the Trump administration began separating children from their parents at the border. 


It’s why I’m leading the fight to stop this administration from rolling back President Obama’s clean car standards. 


And it’s why I’m stepping up to save the Affordable Care Act against a challenge from GOP states, even as the Trump administration has declined to defend the law.



Thank you,



Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

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