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I hope the holiday season has treated you gently so far. I wanted to highlight a great organizing opportunity around infrastructure that we, as a Party, can boost.

As you may recall, we recently passed a resolution calling for massive direct investment in infrastructure to create millions of quality, high-wage jobs, while finally addressing the disgraceful condition of our roads, bridges, and public transportation systems.

Our resolution praises the legislative effort, HCR 63, by Representative Ted Lieu, to put the principles of the #millionsofjobs campaign into law. For more information on the #millionsofjobs campaign, check out their website,

Here are three quick actions you can take to support the #millionsofjobs campaign:

  • Call your Member of Congress (even Republicans) and ask them to co-sponsor HCR 63. If they are already co-sponsors, thank them for doing so.
  • Post your support for HCR 63 and real infrastructure investments on social media using #millionsofjobs.
  • Pass a resolution at your Central Committee in support of #millionsofjobs — the resolution adopted by CDP is copied below.

This is a great chance for us to organize around a policy effort that will create millions of great, middle-class, union jobs. Please help us get the word out, and let us know which actions you take so we can help promote it from the CDP as well. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Democratically Yours,

Sandra Lowe, Senior Strategist
California Democratic Party

Resolution 17-11.34
Real Infrastructure Investments
WHEREAS the California Democratic Party believes that by uniting our Party around a bold vision for jobs and infrastructure, we have the best chance of passing legislation that works for all, and in the process stopping any infrastructure legislation aimed at solely making money for Wall Street banks and foreign companies; and

WHEREAS Donald Trump’s stated vision for infrastructure spending is a cynical ploy full of shell-game financing, attacks on workers’ rights and environmental oversight, and would create billions in profits for corporate interests at the public’s expense; and

WHEREAS the California Democratic Party stands for an infrastructure policy that includes the following core principles: Investments that create new jobs building roads, bridges, clean energy infrastructure, telecommunications systems, parks, schools, libraries, housing and community assets; ensures that direct public investment provides the overwhelming majority of funding for infrastructure; prioritizes racial and gender equity through project labor agreements/community workforce agreements and environmental justice; embraces 21st-Century clean energy jobs, including expansion of solar and wind power, energy efficiency and energy grid modernization; expands and enforces Buy America provisions, requiring the use of Davis-Bacon prevailing wage standards, local and veteran-hiring policies; ensures the wealthiest Americans and profitable corporations who benefit from public goods pay their fair share for maintaining them; ensures that investments are not paid from raiding Social Security, Medicaid or any other social program; prioritizes resilient infrastructure that can withstand environmental disasters, physical or cyber attacks;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party calls on its Members of Congress to support Rep. Ted Lieu’s efforts in the House and similar efforts in the U.S. Senate to unite Democrats around these principles, and