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TULSI 2020


Aloha friend,

Legalizing marijuana is a basic question of fairness and freedom of choice for the American people. A system that puts people in prison for marijuana use, while allowing corporations like Purdue Pharma that are responsible for thousands of opioid-related deaths to walk away scot-free with their coffers full, needs to change.

Let’s make that change—together. I’m offering to serve as your president to build a government of, by, and for the people. Click here to donate $5, $25 or $10 towards our people-powered campaign to make a real difference in the lives of Americans. 

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The fact that marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug in this country—the same as heroin and other deadly narcotics—is unacceptable. Yesterday, I released two bills to tackle this. The first is a short, to-the-point bipartisan bill to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act so that states can set their own laws without interference.

The second requires the federal government to generate one central study on the impact of state marijuana legalization policies to push back against myths and stigma that are being used as excuses to perpetuate federal prohibition.

You deserve common sense, bipartisan legislation that actually has a chance to pass in a heavily divided Congress and make real, tangible impacts on our quality of life. We need leadership that will stay focused on getting things done for the American people, instead of playing political games.

Click here to donate $5, $25 or $10 or whatever you can spare to a campaign focused on common sense bipartisan solutions, including an end to the federal marijuana prohibition!

I didn’t suddenly wake up to this issue yesterday. The truth is, I don’t smoke pot and never have. I’m not here trying to look cool. I’m here to get things done for the good of the American people. I’m here to stand up for every person’s freedom to make their own choices.

60% of voters support marijuana legalization. If members of Congress and leaders in Washington listen to the voices of the vast majority of Americans, they will hear the calls for action that go beyond partisanship. We are long overdue to bring about this kind of change. We can’t afford to keep kicking this can down the road given the devastating negative impact it is having on the people of this country.

If you know someone who believes in the right of all Americans to make their own choice to use marijuana without being thrown in jail or labelled a criminal, please share this email and ask them to contribute—even just $1—to make sure our message makes it to the debate stage. We’re well on our way to the requirement of 65,000 unique donors, and it’s your enthusiasm and willingness to share our message with your friends and family that will get us over the finish line.

Thank you for your support and being with me on this journey.

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The truth is that email is one of the most important tools we have to update supporters like you. It is one way we come together as a community of progressives to make change in this world.  Finally, if you believe we need to end the culture of corruption and greed in Washington, then now is the time to make a contribution to TULSI 2020. If you’d like to make a recurring contribution to TULSI 2020, please click here.