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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Hi there, 
The DNC recently announced that one of the primary metrics needed to qualify for the first candidate debate will be the number of individual donors. A candidate will need 65,000 donors in order to make it to the debate stage.
Right now, as an exploratory committee, we are closely tracking our number of individual donors. We have donors from all 50 states (and DC, too!), and we are proud of our small-dollar network of support, but we need to step it up.
As a member of the Grassroots Fundraising Team, you’ll be using your voice, your personal story, and your network to bring in new folks to our community. 
We’ll provide you with your own referral link so that you can track the impact you’re having; we’ll send leaderboards so you can see how our community is growing; and we’ll hold conference calls to motivate and inspire each other. 
Don’t worry if you yourself are not wealthy — I’m not, either. This is about connecting with people you know, and explaining why you believe our vision for the future should be a part of the conversation. We’ll be counting the number of donors who contribute through your referral link — not focusing on the total amount of money you raise. 
I am frequently asked what our biggest challenge is as an exploratory committee. It’s simple: I’m not famous. I don’t have the email signups or the Facebook Likes of someone who has run for president before or is a sitting senator of a large state.
But I have you, and we don’t need to wait. 
Join the Grassroots Fundraising Team and we’ll make you your own personal referral link so you can track your impact:
Thank you, 


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