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TULSI 2020



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It’s time to hold Big Pharma opioid pushers like Purdue Pharmaceuticals accountable for the opioid crisis they helped cause. That’s why Senator Bernie Sanders and I have written and introduced a sweeping, bicameral bill to hold top pharma execs criminally liable for their role in creating the crisis.

Other bills passed in Congress address the painful realities of addiction. But what about the root causes of that addiction — corporate greed and corruption?

The bill Bernie and I introduced goes after the companies that pushed doctors to overprescribe opioids, marketed them with lies and hid the highly addictive nature of their drugs. Our bill would cancel the tax credits these companies currently get, and instead require them to pay the country back for the cost of the epidemic they caused.

Our bill gives the fight against opioid addiction some teeth — and it’s the kind of legislation I’d push Congress to pass and then sign into law as president.

Click here to sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of Bernie Sanders’ and my bill, The Opioid Crisis Accountability Act. Then be sure to share it.

Every piece of Congressional legislation impacting the opioid crisis has been influenced by Big Pharma through lobbying. The drug industry’s hijacking of our government has been extremely pervasive, with $102 million spent on lobbying in 2014-16 alone. Some members of Congress even allied with them to sneak an industry-friendly bill through Congress without a recorded vote that watered down the DEA’s ability to crack down on the spread of opioids on the street.

I’m not in the pocket of Big Pharma. I have the heart of a soldier, not a career politician. That’s how you can know that, as president, I will continue to fight for a government of, by and for the people — not of, by and for corrupt corporations, and the rich and powerful.

Click here to sign on in support of The Opioid Crisis Accountability Act — and then share it with any friends you think need to know my record of bold action and what I stand for.

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