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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Today is two weeks after my announcement to serve America again, as President.

I’ve lived these weeks in Iowa in order to: shake over 15,000 hands from parades to firework displays; have daily media interviews on Iowan radio, TV and print (also national); and speak at climate change and disability forums, churches and veteran gatherings, and at numerous democratic assemblies — as over 30,000 brochures have been handed to individual voters.
I began today with my 5:30 a.m. run, and I ask you to help it end well with your support needed to go to phase II of our strategy:  to now multiply my presence through social media, grow my field and community organization, with an expanding base of volunteers (e.g., already 150 coordinated in California!) — and we can only do it with your generous financial support.

Joe meeting people
Click to see Joe running

Help me take action on this next phase of our planned strategy to win!

You can contribute by check made out to “Joe Sestak for President” and mailed to Joe Sestak, PO Box 17246, Alexandria, VA 22302, or online at

Joe Sestak



Come on board.  We encourage you to visit our website
and get involved in these challenging and wonderful times.


  Paid for by Joe Sestak for President.

Joe Sestak
P.O Box 17246
Alexandria, VA 22302
United States