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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

This morning, the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed my campaign to remain your Attorney General! This comes on the heels of endorsements from the Sacramento Bee, Modesto Beeand La Opinión.

In its editorial, which notes that “few positions are more important to Californians in this year’s election than the job of attorney general,” the Chronicle’s editorial board stood firmly behind our efforts to serve as defenders of California’s values.

“Becerra has not hesitated to defend California’s values against the Trump administration. He’s brought 31 lawsuits against the administration, on issues ranging from the travel ban on people from Muslim-majority countries to the attempted rollback of fracking regulations on public lands.”

It goes on to note that my experience – as Deputy Attorney General, state Assemblymember and Congressman – has given me what it takes to fight and win for all Californians, continuing:

“So the difference between the two leading candidates comes down to style and tone. On those points, we prefer Becerra, who understands that it’s not about being first, it’s about being right.

“Becerra’s focus, experience and track record as attorney general make him the best choice in this race.”

I am honored to receive such a full-throated endorsement. I hope that you, too, will join my campaign.


Thank you,