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Join us.

What happened in Charlottesville this weekend was an act of domestic terrorism.

It was an act that should have been met with a swift and unequivocal denunciation from the highest levels of our government.

It should not take intense public pressure to force the President of the United States to condemn white supremacy. It should not take days of silence for the leader of this country to denounce Nazis and the KKK. But it did.

History will not forget that when the streets of Charlottesville echoed with evil, Donald Trump responded with silence.

We will not be silent. We will speak out against white supremacy, fascism, racism, and oppression in every form — it is incumbent on all of us who are able to do so.

Tonight, and throughout the week, there will be vigils across the country to join in solidarity with Charlottesville and all those who are standing against hate.

I hope you will join a vigil near you and use your voice to bend the arc of history more firmly towards justice:


Thank you,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee