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*** Andrew Janz has been endorsed for CD-22 by the CDP ***

I’ve made a new friend recently – another resistance leader fighting to return sanity to Washington. His name is Randy Bryce; some of you may know him as Ironstache. He’s the union ironworker taking on Paul Ryan in Wisconsin and if – no, WHEN he wins, we will have flipped another deeply red district blue!

Trump performed considerably better in PA-18 than he did in Randy’s district or my district in California. The GOP threw millions of dollars behind their candidate and Conor Lamb still won because people are tired of the Republican party’s failure to deliver.

NOW is the time for Democrats to put our words into action and transform our frustrations with government dysfunction into power at the polls. Can you pitch in right now to ensure strong Democrats have what they need to take back the House in November?

The only way to get this country back on track is to take back the House in November and replace every single GOP member who has put party over people with principled Democratic leadership. Randy and I are in this race because we know how critical it is that the resistance show up this year. Will you pitch in $3 right now to help Democrats like Randy and I take on these GOP goliaths?

We need to flip 24 seats from red to blue – starting right here with Nunes’s seat in CA-22 and Ryan’s seat in WA-1.

Thanks for all you do –


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Paid for by Andrew Janz for Congress
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