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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

As you know, I have been a long-time advocate of campaign finance reform and I recently endorsed the DISCLOSE Act. The DISCLOSE Act will highlight the real campaign donors without letting them give money through a front group, so we know who is really funding both candidates and propositions.

Of course, ultimately we need to get money out of politics. However, until that time, the best way to counter big donors is through people power. Will you donate $29.20 here right now and help me build a campaign of small donors? I have had another great week traveling around California and meeting engaged community members, and your resources help make that happen.

For the California Governor’s race, a donor can give $29,200 for the primary and once again for the general. This means that a candidate can receive $116,800 from just one wealthy couple.

  • We need the 99% to give just 1% of the maximum.
  • 1,000 $29.20 donations equals 1 maximum donor.

My volunteers are working hard to spread my message around the state and it is resonating, but they also need resources and materials.

The other candidates already have millions of dollars. I don’t need the most money, but I do need enough.

If you can make the $29.20 a monthly donation, that will give us the security of having a reliable funding source each month, which lessens the time we have to focus on fundraising.

Click here to contribute or, if you are registered with ActBlue, just hit an amount below and your contribution will be automatically processed.

Express Donate: $9.20

Express Donate: $29.20

Express Donate: $92

Express Donate: $292

Express Donate: $594

Or, donate another amount

I am so grateful for all you do every day to move our campaign forward.

Thank you,

Facebook: @DelaineEastin4CA
Instagram: @DelaineEastin