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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Hurricane Harvey has caused “epic and catastrophic flooding” and displaced thousands of Texans since reaching land on Friday. In Houston alone, 2,000 have been rescued, with many more rescue requests pending.

Californians have relied on the support of our friends across the nation before as wildfires, floods, and drought devastated our state. In Texans’ time of need, let’s take a moment to return the favor and lead by example by supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Will you join me in supporting the American Red Cross? Make your donation to support relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey now.

I’m saddened that President Trump used this disaster as cover to quietly pardon Joe Arpaio while Texans suffered.

His failure of leadership shows no bounds. But we can and will choose to respond differently.

Let’s continue to lead with integrity and take a moment to help those in Texas.

Thanks for doing your part,