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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Fellow Democrats,

I don’t know if you saw Eric Bauman’s email last week about his commitment to closing the gender gap and electing more Democratic women in California, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you my story.

I know, firsthand, what it is like to run for office in these tumultuous times. As a millennial, and as a Latina, I experienced my fair share of obstacles when running for City Council last year. Multiply that by the difficult task of running as a progressive, Bernie loving Democrat, in a soundly red, rural county, where Republican candidates routinely win with a solid 70% of the vote. It’s no wonder that this race was written off as impossible from day one. We were simply too red, too small, too rural, and too poor to matter.

I almost gave up before I even started. Then, I came across Eric at a California Democratic Party Executive Board meeting. He made himself available to answer questions. FINALLY! Someone returned my phone calls!

Eric guided me through my campaign, gave me invaluable advice, and most important to me: he understood my personality. The truth is, there are times when women candidates, indeed, act differently than our male counterparts. It takes a lot of experience in the political arena to understand the nuances of campaigns for women in office. Eric became a mentor to me, and remains one of my most trusted advisors.

Eric was there when no one else thought I had a chance. Today, I am the sole female Council Member in my city (a red city that we are working hard to turn blue). I credit our Democratic victory here, to Eric’s support and mentorship.

Please join me, and hundreds of other delegates up and down the state of California, in joining #TeamBauman and endorsing Eric for Chair of the California Democratic Party.

Democratically yours,
Holly Andradé Blair
Chair, Kings County Democratic Party
Member, Lemoore City Council*