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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



t’s time the California Democratic Party (CDP) doubles down on our commitment to Labor, so that we stand shoulder to shoulder to face the anti-worker initiatives on the horizon. We must F.L.E.X. our political and financial muscles to advance our shared values and beat back this onslaught of growing attacks.

This F.L.E.X. Plan works in conjunction with my goals to reorganize and restructure our Party, getting us “Back to Basics” by focusing on organizing, training and leadership development. Advocating for pro-Labor candidates, worker’s rights, workplace safety and protecting working families; these commitments are a part of our collective core.

As Chair of the California Democratic Party (CDP), I will ensure that we vigorously support Labor with the same incredible consistency that Labor has supported our Party. It’s time for the CDP to have a bigger, better, bolder relationship with our sisters and brothers in Labor, expanding a pro-Labor culture here in California and serving as a beacon of hope for the rest of the country.

Fund: Sustainably grow CDP’s donor base and budget capacity so Labor can redirect critical funds to fight Right-to-Work initiatives, etc.

Legislate: Pass pro-worker legislation (Medicare-for-All, living wage reform, publicly financed campaigns, etc.) so Labor can prioritize other critical issues at the bargaining table.

Evolve: Collaborate with Labor to increase membership, bargaining and political power, while tackling racial justice, gender parity and economic equity.

eXchange: Partner on campaigns, train organizers and unite a new generation of leaders.

To read more of my F.L.E.X. Plan, click here.

Democratically yours,


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