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Republicans in Congress are inching closer to passing their “soak the poor” tax bill that will bankrupt America, punish the poor and middle class, and make the obscene gap between the ultra-wealthy and everyone else even wider and more destructive.

Bernie Sanders put it best: This is theft pure and simple. Republicans are robbing you and me to cut taxes for the richest of the rich. Betsy Devos, the atrociously unqualified Education Secretary, stands to benefit from this tax plan by more than $2 billion…and so will the Trumps, Tillersons, and Bushes.

Here in California, our taxes are going to go up by more than $70 billion if this travesty is signed into law. Republicans are targeting the state and local deduction — primarily used by residents of solid blue California, New York, and New Jersey — to help pay for their tax theft.

This bill is a sham. It raises taxes on Blue States like ours. It makes income inequality exponentially worse. And it will rip the heart out of Obamacare and put the healthcare of millions of people in jeopardy. All so that Republicans can deliver a tax cut for their ultra-wealthy donors.

This is the worst kind of graft and corruption, and Democrats must mobilize to stop it. We need to pressure all 14 House Republicans from California to vote no on this abhorrent bill.

Call them all today and let them know that if they vote yes on the “soak the poor” tax bill, we’ll remember it in 2018.

Paul Cook 202-225-5861
Ken Calvert 202-225-1986
Jeff Denham 202-225-4540
Duncan Hunter 202-225-5672
Darrell Issa 202-225-3906
Steve Knight 202-225-1956
Doug LaMalfa 202-225-3076
Kevin McCarthy 202-225-2915
Tom McClintock 202-225-2511
Devin Nunes 202-225-2523
Dana Rohrabacher 202-225-2415
Ed Royce 202-225-4111
David Valadao 202-225-4695
Mimi Walters 202-225-5611

Democratically Yours,

Clark Lee, CDP Political Director