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From the March 6, 2016, Fresno Bee:

Dr. Joaquin Arambula

Dr. Joaquin Arambula

“… (Arambula) is best suited to represent the economically challenged district, which includes a portion of the city of Fresno and more than 20 other Fresno County cities and communities.

As the grandson of farmworkers, Arambula knows the challenges that immigrants face and the path to success. He is a conservative Democrat, which is another good fit for the district. In a Legislature dominated by Democrats, it would be difficult for a Republican, however well-intentioned, to deliver what the people of the 31st need.

In a meeting with The Fresno Bee editorial board, Arambula said that water is the No. 1 issue facing the Valley. In addition, he understands the complexities of water. For example, he connected water not just to the economic vitality of agriculture but also to residents’ health. While other politicians grasp that people must have access to safe, clean drinking water, Arambula pointed out that some district residents can’t afford medical prescriptions because the drought and the drastic cut in irrigation deliveries have dried up jobs in farming and related industries.

He said that the “farms vs. fish” sound bite is not helping the effort to secure irrigation water for the Valley. He supports the construction of two new reservoirs in California, at Temperance Flat and in Northern California. He also called for additional investment in water recycling and underground storage.

Arambula backs high-speed rail, career technical education, the creation of a publicly funded medical school in the Valley and modifications to Proposition 47 that would reduce crime while still steering those addicted to drugs and alcohol into substance-abuse recovery programs.

What we like best about Arambula is his promise of taking a scientific approach to Sacramento. In other words, he will use data – not talking points – to evaluate policy and legislation.”

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