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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


If we want to make lasting change in this country, we need a strong, united Democratic Party.

Our Democratic nominee will be up against a very well-funded incumbent president. But if we want to beat Donald Trump, we cannot afford to take our foot off the gas: defeating Donald Trump is only the floor, not the ceiling.

After we win in 2020, we’re still going to need Democrats at all levels of government to fight for affordable health care, voting rights, and criminal justice reform. This is why I’m asking you to split a donation between our campaign and the DNC’s Democratic Unity Fund.

The RNC has already stockpiled millions upon millions of dollars to help Donald Trump win a second term. In the last fundraising quarter alone, Trump’s campaign and the RNC raised over $100 million. That’s alarming, team.

I wish I could say that our party was able to match that number, but unfortunately, we still have work to do.

So that’s why I’m asking, can you split a donation between our grassroots campaign and the DNC’s Democratic Unity Fund today?

By investing in the DNC, I believe that we truly can compete everywhere and elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Now is the time to build our party’s bench so that the progressive leaders of today and tomorrow have the resources they need to win.

As the RNC is spending millions hiring staff and building party infrastructure, we’re in danger of falling behind. It’s also vital that the DNC has the funding for important investments in data and technology to respond to cybersecurity threats that have become all too common in our elections. I know it’s hard to believe that this is the reality here, but we need to be prepared.

Please make a donation today in support of my campaign and the DNC’s efforts to help our party win back the White House and the Senate next November.

With a revitalized Democratic Party, we will end the national nightmare that has been the Trump presidency and lead our country toward a better future.

Thank you,




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