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Today is my 100th day as California’s Lieutenant Governor. Although each day brings something new, everyday I feel humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of our great State, and to help lead the way to a better, stronger future for all Californians. 
I couldn’t have made it here without you – my amazing volunteers and supporters, and I am reaching out to give you a quick snapshot of our first 100 days!
We launched a listening tour of all 33 UC and CSU campuses. We’ve been meeting with students, faculty, educators and staff to hear first-hand the issues that our universities face. As a member of the UC Board of Regents, and CSU Trustees, I know we have so much to be proud of. I also know that we have work to do to ensure our universities have the resources they need, and that we all work together to make college more affordable for California’s students. Please follow along on twitter and instagram!
I am proud to Chair the State Lands Commission. This year, for the first time in its 80-year history, the California State Lands Commission is represented by all women. Together with the amazing Commission staff, we manage 4 million acres of tidelands and submerged lands under navigable rivers, streams, lakes, bays, estuaries, inlets, and straits. As chair, I am committed to protecting our coasts and beaches from storm drain runoff and pollution and to stopping any new offshore drilling.
Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order designating me his Representative for International Affairs and Trade Development.  It is an honor to work with Governor Newsom to amplify the voice of California on the world stage, and advance California’s interests and values internationally. Our state’s leadership is needed now, more than ever. California sets the standard for democratic values, environmental protection, public higher education and economic innovation. 
Thank you all again for joining me on this journey, and for your ongoing support and ideas. And don’t forget to visit me on your next visit to the State Capitol!
In gratitude, 
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