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*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***


We will not stand by while Tony’s record of fighting for kids is undeservedly attacked by billionaires who are using their wealth to advance their own agenda to privatize public schools.

In an open letter to the billionaires, four elected officials who know Tony and who represent public school families in West Contra Costa County set the record straight and demanded the removal of the radio ad making these false attacks against Tony. They said it best:

“Shame on you billionaires who are spending your wealth attacking a man who we should all be proud of.  Instead of being for positive change you have chosen to use your wealth to denigrate a man who has overcome adversity to fight for California’s children.”

Read the full letter from Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, San Pablo Mayor Genoveva Garcia Calloway, and West Contra Costa School Board Member Madeline Kronenberg.

You can fight back too.  Tony’s campaign is funded by the people, not the billionaires.  Will you contribute to Tony’s people-powered campaign today?

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Your contribution helps us keep Tony’s positive, truthful campaign commercials up on TV for more time and deliver more campaign literature to volunteers across California before the June 5 election.

Thank you for supporting Tony and spreading the word.  We won’t let the billionaires mislead California’s voters – Tony Thurmond is the best candidate for all of California’s kids.

Thank you,

Team Tony