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**For Immediate Release**

Press Contact: Mari Harren; 810-844-6796



FRESNO, Calif. (October 28th, 2019) — Today the Janz for Mayor campaign released the following statement:

On October 25, 2019, we learned of a website at “” that falsely purports to be an official campaign website for the Janz campaign. This website contains a donation link that redirects clickers to our opponent’s fundraising website at “”

In 2017, Assembly Bill 1104 was signed into law and makes criminal this type of cyber fraud. This afternoon the Janz campaign has asked the California Attorney General’s office to open an investigation into those persons who have perpetrated this fraud on the voters of the City of Fresno. We will also file a complaint along similar lines with the Fair Political Practices Commission.

The California Political Cyberfraud Abatement Act was created to protect the integrity of our elections in the aftermath of Russian interference in our elections in 2016. It’s disappointing to learn that there are still people out there who are using the Trump playbook to mislead voters in order to win an election. We’re calling on Jerry Dyer to condemn the fake website and those behind it.



Andrew Janz is a Fresno County Deputy District Attorney running for Mayor. Janz and his wife Heather reside in Fresno with their two dogs and are currently expecting their first child.