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100 days — that’s how many extra days the average American woman had to work to make the same earnings as a man last year. On average, American women make 79 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Here in California, the discrepancy is even worse for women of color. Asian American women earn 75 cents for every dollar a man does, African American women earn 59, and Latina women only earn 42 cents compared to their male counterparts.

It’s long past time for women in California to earn equal pay for equal work. If you agree, add your name now.

While I’m proud of the advances our state has made in recent years to address pay equity, the causes of the wage gap run deep beyond the surface and our work is not nearly over.

As state controller and state treasurer, I’ve worked to promote diversity and expand access to opportunities for women. I’ve used my position on the boards of our country’s largest public pension plans to demand more diversity on corporate boards, because we need more women, more people of color, and more members of the LGBTQIA community with a seat at the table. And because many workplaces are still unsafe for women, I’ve announced new policies to fight sexual harassment and discrimination that will help ensure that no woman has to choose between her career and her safety.

Unfortunately, too many politicians, pundits, and public figures have refused to take the wage gap seriously — or even admit it exists. Some even talk about the problem, but perpetuate the same behaviors in their own workplaces, impeding our progress.

As California’s next governor, I won’t stop fighting until women receive equal pay for equal work, but I need to show that you’re standing with me now to build the momentum we need to make pay equity a priority in Sacramento.

Will you stand with me in fighting to close the wage gap? Add your name now.

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