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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

In the last week, a special interest group working on behalf of one of John’s opponents took in $9.5 million from just three donors. Now they’re flooding the airwaves with ads all over the state.

But that’s just the beginning — millionaires and billionaires are trying to buy our democracy and steal the governor’s race. Along with powerful special interests, they’re using their money to buy influence in Sacramento and elect a governor who will work for them, not for working Californians.

John Chiang is the only candidate we can trust to act with the honesty and integrity we need now, but we need your help to cut through the special interest noise and spread John’s message.

Before Saturday’s pre-primary deadline, chip in to show you’re standing with John in the fight for California’s future.

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You don’t need to be a billionaire to make a difference in this race. Grassroots supporters all over the state are chipping in whatever they can, from a few dollars on up.

Together, we’re building a campaign that will make sure that we have a governor with the experience, honor, and courage to deliver results — not just big talk — for California.

But what happens in the weeks to come is up to you. We don’t have to match the opposition dollar-for-dollar, but we do need the resources to break through. Otherwise, the billionaires and special interests could win big.

Right now, we’re still $16,371 away from our pre-primary deadline goal. Before it’s too late, chip in now, and help us reach our goal before Saturday at midnight.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Lisa Cassinis
Finance Director
John Chiang for Governor

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