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Can you feel the excitement? 


Last Wednesday night, Julián powerfully stood upon the Democratic debate stage leaving the country fired up to say “Adiós” to Trump. By the end of night one, he had boldly introduced himself as a defender of reproductive justice, immigrants’ rights, the transgender community, and working families.


Voters across the U.S. now have a true sense of what a Castro nomination would look like, and they love what they see.

Julián’s Google searches increased by around 3,000% during the debates, and #AdiósTrump was the top trending hashtag of the night.


The press also had a lot to say about Julián’s performance.

And this week, he sat with Rachel Maddow to discuss how his debate performance helped thrust his campaign in the spotlight and showed he has the policy, experience and background to take on Trump. 


If you’re new to #TeamJulián, welcome.

And thank you all for your support. We are a growing movement, and we need your help to reach more people so they can get to know the kind of leader Julián is and why we need him as President. 

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No one like Julián Castro has ever been in the Oval Office. His grandmother immigrated here from Mexico when she was just 7 years old. She never got past the 4th grade, but she provided for her family by working as a maid and a housekeeper.

Now, her grandson is running for President of the United States. Against all odds, grassroots Democrats like YOU helped him qualify for the first debates and send him to the front of the pack of Democratic candidates.

We know we send you a lot of emails, but that’s because we’re relying on grassroots supporters to overcome our next big challenge:

Julián must reach 130,000 donors this summer to secure his spot on the Democratic debate stage.

Julián hasn’t qualified yet, and he’s not taking a cent of corporate PAC money. Will you help him get there?


Again, we know we send you a lot of emails. We hope you’ll stick with us long-term.