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Fresno, CA (August 8, 2018) – Andrew Janz heard the news that Devin Nunes was secretly recorded at a fundraiser saying his job is to end the Robert Mueller investigation and that they get there by impeaching Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.


“We only have a few months left, right. If we vote to impeach, what that does, that triggers the Senate, has to take a vote, you don’t want them to drop everything and not confirm the supreme court justice,” Nunes said.


Andrew’s response: “The corruption in Washington is rampant, and Nunes is at the heart of it. My job is to make sure that this is Nunes’ last term in Congress so that we can move the Central Valley forward.”


Fresno County Prosecutor Andrew Janz is within single digits of Devin Nunes and is closing the gap with every ethical misstep by Nunes in the race for California’s 22nd Congressional District.