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Devin Nunes is a disgrace and an embarrassment to California — and conservative think tank scholars agree. One even recently called for Devin Nunes to be expelled from Congress for his shameful, potentially criminal behavior.

Norman Ornstein tweet

Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute resident scholar

The facts are clear. Devin Nunes is guilty of:

  • Sabotaging the Russia investigation
  • Lying extensively in his memo on the FISA application
  • Disappearing the night before falsely claiming Obama spied on Trump
  • Leaking Senator Warner’s texts to Fox News
  • Creating his own website with actual fake news
  • Using political donations for fueling his private jet
  • Betraying Central Valley farmers time and again for special interests

And so much more.

We need to make our voices heard and tell Congress that Devin Nunes’ flagrant corruption and wrongdoing makes him unfit to serve in the House of Representatives.


Democratically Yours,

John Vigna, Communications Director
California Democratic Party