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Alabama voters go to the polls on Tues‌day to elect a new United States Senator, and with the launch of the Doug Jones online phone bank, California Democrats can make the crucial phone calls necessary to help put our candidate over the top.

Click here to phone bank from home.

The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, is an accused child predator who should be on trial for the sick allegations that have been made against him by multiple women, not running for the U.S. Senate.

Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee, is a compassionate, thoughtful, and dedicated outsider who genuinely believes in public service. He successfully prosecuted the white supremacists who committed one of the most infamous acts of domestic terrorism — the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church that killed four little girls.

Doug Jones is a candidate worth fighting for, regardless of the fact that he’s running against a monster. But let’s be clear: Roy Moore is a monster, and we must do everything we can to elect Doug Jones on Tues‌day.

Every single voter contact can make a difference. Please make some calls this weekend and through election day on Tuesday — sign up today.

Democratically Yours,

Clark Lee, CDP Political Director
California Democratic Party