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Rusty for Chair

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Donald Trump and his enablers are subjecting untold numbers of migrant children to inhumane conditions, dismantling decades of environmental progress, and bringing us to the brink of military conflict. The danger of this moment cannot be overstated.

Democrats are stepping up to fight back at all levels – including, of course, as 2020 presidential candidates. We welcomed more than a dozen candidates to our convention earlier this month. And today and tomorrow, we’ll come together to watch twenty of them during the first presidential debate in Miami. Closer to home, we’re already gearing up win more state and congressional districts – and important local seats too – to throw out the few remaining Trump cronies in California.

This will be one of the most important elections of our lifetimes – one in which we are fighting for the soul of our country. As Democrats, our job is clear.

But even as planning is underway to take back the White House and keep the Blue Wave rolling here in California, my first priority as your Chair has been to ensure that CDP lives up to the values we share.

Our state party has not always lived up to those standards. In April, I convened a Task Force to address the issues of misconduct and harassment squarely and directly. The Task Force – a body including Controller Betty Yee, State Senator Maria Elena Durazo, Assembly Member Laura Friedman, LGBTQ leader Rick Zbur, civil rights leader Connie Rice, and Stanford law professor Michele Dauber – developed a report with specific policy and operational protocols for protecting victims and holding predators accountable. You can read their recommendations about our new CDP policies and new operational protocols based on the task force recommendations here. As part of this new beginning at the party, we have ended our relationship with the Delfino Madden law firm. We have retained new counsel to guide us as we implement a new approach to preventing harassment and addressing reports of abuse.

As we create a fairer and more inclusive party, I am also committed to making CDP truly reflective of the nine million Democrats we represent. We have formed a working group to review and diversify each of our nine Standing Committees. Hundreds of Delegates have already expressed interest in serving on a committee. If you would still like to apply, we have extended the deadline to July 1. Visit our application page to let us know you’re interested.

Today is a new beginning for the California Democratic Party. Our country needs us to be the strongest party we can be. Let’s get to work.

In Solidarity,

Rusty Hicks

Rusty for Chair · 1443 E Washington Blvd, #199, Pasadena, CA 91104, United States
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