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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Subject: Brynne for Congress Update


Hey all,

My name is Matt Herdman, and I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself—I’m Brynne Kennedy’s new campaign manager.

A bit about me: my biggest issues are healthcare related—I’ve seen firsthand how Medicaid expansion and the ACA subsidies have helped make healthcare more affordable for millions of Americans. So the opportunity to kick Tom McClintock out of congress for his votes to gut preexisting conditions and end the ACA is huge for me.

In my years of campaign experience, I’ve worked everywhere from highly rural districts (Wyoming gubernatorial ’18), suburban-rural mixes (NH-02 congressional ‘16), to blue islands in a sea of red (San Antonio and the surrounding counties in ’14). I’ve come to believe that the biggest impact any campaign can have is early investments in field organizing and mobilization—I believe in the power of a conversation at the doors to change hearts and minds and motivate folks to turnout.

To that end, the first hire I’ve made since joining Brynne’s campaign is Kara Bechtle from Sonora. Kara worked on the campaign to beat McClintock in 2018, and will be joining us as a field coordinator starting early next week—she’ll be reaching out about some upcoming events in the coming weeks.

I’m also excited to announce that Todd Stenhouse will be assisting our team with political and media needs. Todd managed Charlie Brown’s 2008 race, and has over a decade of political experience in the district and surrounding areas.

Bridgette Harrison has unfortunately also left our team—she is taking on an exciting opportunity with a current member of congress, and while we’re sad to lose her, it’s a great opportunity and we’re thrilled for her future successes.

I’m excited to get to know each of you a little bit better over the coming weeks and months. I’ll be traveling throughout the district quite a bit over August and September, and hope to set up a short meeting with each of you when I’m nearby—more info to come.