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Fresno Bee: Giuliani associate charged with campaign crimes gave money to David Valadao.

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Here we go.

News just broke that TJ’s opponent David Valadao took campaign contributions from one of the Ukrainian operatives who was just arrested on charges of funneling foreign cash into key midterm races in 2018.

We can’t say we’re shocked. Valadao hasn’t said a single word about Trump’s solicitation of foreign help to benefit his own political ambitions. It seems he was on the receiving end of some foreign support, too.

There need to be consequences for his actions, and that starts by making sure he never gets a chance back into Congress:

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Again, we think it’s pretty damning that Valadao hasn’t answered A SINGLE question about Trump’s abuse of power or the Republicans deep ties to this money laundering operation.

These operatives funneled hundreds of thousands in foreign contributions into the 2018 midterms — including into Valadao’s own race. Not only is Valadao refusing to stand up for the rule of law and our democracy, at this point, his silence and lack of leadership only points to complicity.

Let’s make sure he never makes it back into the halls of Congress. Chip in a donation to make sure TJ has the resources to fight back.

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