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David Valadao is freaking out, Michael

TJ Cox for Congress

David Valadao is freaking out.

His campaign team is up with their very first attack ad against TJ and it’s now airing on TVs across California’s 21st district.

Believe it or not, this is actually a good sign for our campaign: Why? The fact that Valadao is already spending money to attack TJ is the strongest indication we have that he’s PANICKING about his chances in November. He’s never been this close to losing his seat.

We’re about to push back, but we need your help raising $80,000 before our end-of-quarter deadline to make sure we can fully fund our response, fuel our GOTV efforts, and get the truth out about Valadao. Can you rush an urgent donation today?

Valadao can no longer hide the fact that he’s a far-right pawn, voted with Trump 99% of the time, and would let special interests strip away health coverage from hundreds of thousands of Central Valley residents.

Meanwhile, TJ has an actual track record of delivering health care and jobs to Central Valley families. The more people see how stark the contrast is, the more likely it is we win this seat.

Chip in a donation before this end-of-quarter deadline to help us flip this seat once and for all >>


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