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Going after abortion rights. Blocking access to birth control. Attempts to dismantle the entire Affordable Care Act. 
These conservative attacks threaten access to healthcare for millions. And while California leads the fight in standing up to these assaults, we can’t let Big Pharma sneak by for their role in blocking access to healthcare, too. 
We’re not.

Right now, pharmaceutical companies are scheming with competitors to block generic versions of drugs from coming to market. By paying to delay the release of generic versions, drug companies can charge exorbitant prices for life-saving medication to seniors and millions of Californians. 
And they are. “Pay-for-delay” schemes cost Americans $3.5 billion every year. One in four Americans struggle to afford prescription drugs and many forgo their medications altogether. 
This practice must stop –– and I’m working on legislation with Assemblymember Jim Wood to do just that. Last week, our bill blocking “pay-for-delay” passed the California State Assembly. It’s now headed to the Senate. 
Pharmaceutical practices that inflate drug prices are similar to efforts that undermine healthcare: both threaten access to life-saving care for millions of Americans. We won’t stand for either. 
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Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General
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