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Tell your representative that you reject their vote to strip Californians of their healthcare.


Call 202-595-3010

Last week, every single California Republican congressperson betrayed their constituents by voting for a bill to raise healthcare costs and gut protections for Californians with pre-existing conditions — this includes your representative.

This heist of taxpayer dollars will rob California families of healthcare coverage in order to fund more tax breaks for Trump and his wealthy friends.

But the people of California are watching, and they will hold the Republicans who voted to hurt families in their own districts accountable.

This fight is not over yet — the House will likely vote on healthcare again before Trump can sign a bill into law. Call your member of Congress at 202-595-3010 and hold them accountable for their vote.

Suggested talking points:

  • Hello, my name is [Name] and my zip code is [#####].
  • I want to express my disappointment in your vote to strip millions of Americans of their healthcare. Should this bill come back to the House of Representatives, I urge you to reject the “American Health Care Act,” which would raise healthcare costs and force many to lose coverage.


Reject Trumps Healthcare plan



This is a shameless attempt to cut taReject Trumps Healthcare planxes for the wealthy by taking healthcare from working families. But Californians are ready to stand up and fight for more affordable, accessible care by stopping this bill in its tracks. 

We can’t let the Republican members of Congress get away with this. Speak up: Call 202-595-3010 and let your representative know you are keeping a close eye on their record on Trump’s healthcare bill.




Thanks for making your voice heard,

Tom Steyer
NextGen Climate