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Hello Supporters….

The 2017 Mid-Year Planning Conference is quickly approaching.  In order for BAPAC- Fresno to make proper accommodations for everyone, we need your help.  Click on the attachments below and follow the simple instructions to be connected with our PayPal online registration.  This event marks the first-time, in what BAPAC- Fresno anticipates to be an annual event for African American organizations around the state.

Additionally, there are sponsorship opportunities available as well.  Please click on that 2nd attachment below and follow those simple instructions to become a sponsor.

There is a myriad of issues impacting the status of African Americans around the state.  And,

​although many of the discussions will center around African American topics specifically, the developed solutions and outcomes will impact every ethnicity and community.

Your collective input and activities is needed and desired moving the agenda forward.

Lastly, there will be a Gala on Saturday night honoring African American elected officials from Stockton to Bakersfield.  As of today, 29 African American elected officials have been contacted for participation.  The Gala is been crafted to communal support for their hard work and efforts on behalf of their constituents.

​At the time of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, his work pivoted to be inclusive of all people.  Working for poor people, the marginalized and under-served, he developed what he referred to as the “Beloved Community.”  ​It way past time for US to form our own “BELOVED COMMUNITIES” throughout this state we call home.

As the Chairman of the local BAPAC Chapter, I extend this invitation and hope to see each of you on May 5th-6th.

DAREN Andrew Miller
559-930-4909 cellular